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Full Trip Itinerary Planning

There are many advantages to using a Kiwi Travel Agent. As a small travel consulting business, we have the tools, experience, knowledge and contacts to be able to plan and create a bespoke itinerary to suit you and your travel needs.

From experience, we prefer to plan every element of your New Zealand trip from start to finish.  That way we can ensure everything throughout your journey runs smoothly, and each element of your trip has been thought through. 

This approach also enables us to focus and dedicate our attention to designing and perfecting your trip of a life a time to New Zealand.

Simply start by completing this fun survey, where we will learn about your personal interests, tastes, travelling style and budget. 


Once completed, leave the details to us and we'll put together a well-planned trip proposal for your consideration that strives to tick all of the boxes, and with every detail thought through. 


Grab yourself a beverage, and let's get started on our fun Survey !

Custom Trip Planning Fees

As you can imagine the process of researching and putting together a customised, bespoke proposal that matches your travel desires takes time. Our trip planning fee covers the initial consultation, collaborating your ideas and trip dreams and expectations into a realistic itinerary, time spent researching, developing, and revising a suitable itinerary, time taken to book and manage all components, and providing on-trip support while traveling. The travel planning fee is $25 New Zealand Dollars per trip day. All communication is done via email. 

As the fee covers initial consultation, research, and time spent on the proposal, this up front fee secures your slot with us.  Once received, we will build a friendly relationship with you and be here for you each step of the process. 

Fees are non-refundable, and will be charged before we accept you as a client and begin working on your travel proposal.

We like to be transparent about how we earn money as a business.  We do earn commission from some tour operators, however tailoring a trip to suit you is paramount and always forefront of mind.

What does this mean for you? You'll actually save money as we have access to deals that you will not find yourself anywhere and when we package your trip up into one tidy price we can gain deeper discounts that we will then pass along to you.