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A refreshing change is as good as a holiday

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Introducing our very special New Zealand Travel Planning Service

Kia ora, nau mai ki Aotearoa! Hi, welcome to New Zealand! We're elated that you've found us, and look forward to sharing our special part of the world with you.

Our Kiwi Travel Consultants provide awesome itineraries that showcase the best of New Zealand for people like you, all over the globe. We've taken the time to develop a new website that matches the passion we have for sharing our home with you and invite you to take a closer look.

While making the most of every minute on our own travels around New Zealand, we got inspired to get out there and offer our assistance to visitors like you with our travel route planning service and itinerary ideas. After all, a journey that features local insight, travel tips and advice from a Kiwi that lives here, and an itinerary that includes hidden gems and secrets you won't find anywhere online is unbeatable in our eyes.

Getting local knowledge, and honest recommendations from a Kiwi's perspective is invaluable when planning your route around New Zealand. No matter how much time you spend researching your journey, there's no better advice than when it comes directly from someone that knows the area, has been there before and is also up-to-date with recommendations in this ever-changing world.

At Time 2 Go! each bespoke trip is created with you in mind, tailored to suit your personal interests, catering to your tastes, keeping your travelling style in mind, and aiming to make the most of the budget you've set for your visit to New Zealand. No two trips we've designed have ever been the same, which definitely keeps things interesting.

We love to "travel vicariously", reliving our own memories, while you create new ones... like the first time we laid eyes on this breathtaking waterfall in the Eastern Bay of Plenty

Gain a local perspective from a Kiwi Travel Consultant that lives here!

Why spend hours of your own precious time researching elements of your trip to New Zealand, when instead they can be taken care of in the blink of an eye by someone that lives here? We know the best routes to take, and can suggest activities which makes the most sense based on a variety of factors, some of which you probably haven't even stumbled across yet. As qualified travel consultants, we also know all the best ways to save you money along the way, and we have built strong relationships throughout New Zealand with a large variety of tourism operators.

We are all very independent these days, and can be under the illusion that when we book a trip ourselves, we save money. But, stop to think for a minute about all the time you've spent researching a trip before you arrive, and the anxiety you might have got something wrong. What about the time spent during your trip arguing about directions, or where to eat tonight? Being stressed or 'hangry' shouldn't be part of your trip and we don't want it to be. We are here to add value to your New Zealand experience every step of the way. We'll keep you free from tourist-traps, recommend great places to eat, and include clear links to maps to help you get from place to place. We also respect your need to be independent-minded travellers and supported explorers. So while we can guide you from a distance, you're left to your own devices to follow the itinerary we set for you, and you're free to add in as much (or as little) leisure time free from travel plans as you like too.

When you engage with us, you'll receive one-on-one assistance and we'll work with you to design the perfect trip for you. Our clients have the added benefit of arriving into New Zealand with the peace of mind that they can call on us any time during their visit, and have an added sense of security knowing that we are in the same timezone should they require any last minute advice or assistance. We're always just a WhatsApp message, or text away!

We can't emphasise enough the great satisfaction we get when our clients see the value of our trip planning service and spread the word. We love providing this high quality service as we feel we have made a difference and really shown our own country in the best light possible. Kiwi’s are not one to brag, but we definitely love to share our country with you.

People often say 'change is as good as a holiday', and when you're ready to take a real vacation in New Zealand, we'll take great care of you. We've refined our way of receiving information from you, and refreshed the way we present itinerary ideas. Hopefully you'll our travel planning service fun and easy to use. We look forward to working alongside you to make your dream trip to New Zealand a reality. Let's make your trip to New Zealand even better than you could ever imagine.

With New Zealand in sight, it's Time 2 Go!